Contacting Technical Support

The Cerner Clairvia implementation team and client services group work with you throughout the implementation process, from planning to database design and installation to training and technical support, so that the transition to your new Cerner Clairvia solution is as smooth as possible.

In addition, your purchase agreement describes your warranty coverage and support. Cerner Clairvia also offers a variety of extended support options. Contact Cerner Clairvia Support for more information.

Making a Service Call

For all service requests, first contact your organization's IT Help Desk. Your IT Help Desk can resolve issues such as:

If your request or issue requires in-depth investigation, your Clairvia Administrator will engage the Clairvia Support team, or you can log your request using the eService portal: If you do not have an eService account, you can create one on the website.

When contacting Cerner Clairvia Support, you should have the following information available:

You can find additional information online at Clairvia Help.